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CK's Thoughts

CK's Thoughts

Live, love and let live.

It amazes me that we all seem to be looking for the same things in our lives.
To be accepted by others for who and what we are.

Yet I read some of the work and the comments here.

Things that rings loud as I read, disturb me sometimes.

Being a live and let live person, who is far from perfect myself,
I have to ask, what makes another criticize or condemn someone else,
for petty things or choices they make?

Choices belong to each of us, they are ours alone to make, good or bad.

Look into the mirror and ask yourself.
Have I made all of the right choices?
Am I perfect in every way?
Have I nothing that needs changed?
Do I have the right to tell another how they should live their life?

Now look and ask again of the image that reflects back at you.
Do I want another to tell me how I should live?
Do I want another to criticize me because of my choices?
Do I have the ability to change someone else?

I am sure that if answered truthfully, none of us could answer yes to any of these questions.

Acceptance in my mind, is the key.
Opinions, yes, we all have one. I would fight and I have, for you to voice yours.

I do not have to agree with yours as you do not have to agree with mine.
We just have to accept each other for who and what we are.
Remembering that we are, none of us perfect, but we are each unique.

Change, yes we can, but only if we chose to.
This choice belongs to us alone.

Accept your brothers and sisters, love them for who they are, praise their good qualities, don't condemn and criticize them for not being who you wish they were, or who think you can make them into.

Live and let live, show tolerance and respect.

We are not all the same and should never be expected to be.

It only takes one to show their love and acceptance.
Others then lose their fear and show theirs too.

We can change the world one thought, one action at a time.
Don't let fear keep you from accepting and loving.

We can not control another's mind.
We can only control our own.

Good thoughts and actions can have an effect.
Share your good with the world.

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