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Deep River

Deep River

Walking in the moonlight and riding on feeling the rhythm of the Earth beneath my feet, and finding myself occasionally thinking of my past life, and learning how to live with memories. And sometimes wondering what others know about hope or sacrifice as soon as the lights go out, or standing up when they get called out? Yet, still they think they are the ones who were born to rise, and it should be written off as criminal. Still I will go to war with only those I trust and would stop a bullet for, or with that Mangy Motely Crew I know and have bonded with in our dealing with a lot of hard times and cases and like those whom have shed blood with me are my brothers forever, and are the ones with fire inside and are likely to bring the rain when they come.

Every second is a lifetime and with each passing minute we are drawn closer to God, yet all that seems to be seen are nothing but red lights. And fighting the impulse at times to turn away, which would probably become a form of running away from what stands in the way when the odds are stacked. Feeling your body burning like never before like a case of St. Elmo’s fire running from head to toe, feeling you drawing strength as the electricity washes over you. Being able to turn pain into power, and watching them only able to see what they think they believe in and in their eyes is nothing but a vacuum there, that hides the truth. Still I head on down the line and following many a road trying to find some of those things on my mind, and quietly watching them as they try to control all things. Though there are times when it seems as though my eyes are confounded as the day gives itself up to night.

Still it seems at this point in my life I have done so many things wrong, and at times has me wondering if I can do anything right. And somehow I seem to have avoided the path to ruin and still I continue on down the line and do the best I can as I search for the light as well as reaching high with mountains still to climb. With there still being things I would simply like to forget and have erased and maybe one day I will find those things I have been looking for and possibly win redemption in the process. But then again I might just be fooling myself and be Hell bound instead and be lucky if I get a second chance and land in Purgatory instead.

Seems at times as if I have a lot of regret that seems to be carried with the collateral damage I have and knowing it’s just another day, and anything can happen as it passes on by kinda like a dirty trick. Knowing I can lose myself at times as long as I don’t lose control like when fire meets gasoline, and I feel like I need air and feeling like caught in a firestorm. Then again there are times when it seems that nothing really matters anyhow, and that’s when I shouldn’t think twice and just move on down the dark side of the road travellin’ on to wherever it leads me or where the Tao directs the next moment to be. Where I am bound I have no idea at times and really can’t tell or say.

Still I ain’t mad as a hatter and being on the run as most seem to think and still I have hope for tomorrow, and occasionally having a dream that shines bright just like the cold steel of a knife. With a rock bottom line of; give me life.

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