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No flowers are growing in our garden...

I am replanting my basil for they are growing a lot and it smells so wonderful, so are my mint and aloe vera.

Yes, herbs are all my plants, I can't seem to grow flowers in my garden. My husband gave me a rose garden, and it died on me because I didn't give them the attention they needed. He bought the sunflower plant for me to grow and I drown them because I lavishly gave them all of my attention that they may need and more. Grass only blooms in them now a days, the one I never cared to look at.

I adore the grass flowers, lately. They are my companions when I'm alone and on my saddest days, but husband said to pull the grass from the garden to plant a new one. This made me cry for they are beautiful just to pull off to die.

Why just plant a new one and keep the grass? I don't understand, do we really need a new plant or it's just what he likes to have, pull the old and replace with a new one. Shouldn't we just grow them and see how they will look blooming? He just doesn't care at all if the grass died.

I'll just put them in a pot to grow. They'll survive, anyways they are used to surviving the worst.