Hades & Margaux

By rune

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How I feel your pain...


"Hades, you should eat. Come on, just a drink."

"Hades, stop crying."

"Hades, you need to sleep."

"Hades! Get inside, it's raining."

"Hades! Stop waiting for her, she is not coming back!"

"Hades! You need to stop, doing this!"


"Come here."

"A human hug for you my dear friend, hoping to ease your pain even a little."

"I miss Margaux too, Hades. I know it hurts a lot. Just this Friday night when I got home from work we played. When we woke up Saturday morning, Margaux is dead. It is Monday now Hades, I have to leave you alone. How will I know you'll be ok and going to eat your dog food if you won't eat now?"