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Is Hoofy real...or not?

On the Internet, there is a site called The Experience Project. And on that site, there exists a character named Hoofy.

Hoofy is not real. But he does indeed exist on The Experience Project. He is a made-up person...well, he's not really a person, come to think of it. I'm not really sure WHAT Hoofy is! But he does have a profile, and he has some relatives, and he also has a small fan base.

Hoofy lives in a shack, in the desert. He spends his days shoveling sand and shooing flies off his favorite dish, Ginger Chicken (he has even kindly included a recipe for Ginger Chicken on The Experience Project).

Hoofy is a nice enough fellow, despite his very weird and creepy appearance and disturbingly crooked face. He may have one giant eyeball, but don't let his avatar scare you. Hoofy isn't a monster. He's never mean to anyone....just a tad...eccentric. Hoofy is never perverted, either. He's a very G rated sort of guy.

He writes interesting stories about his life in the desert. He gets a little cranky sometimes, because of all those annoying flies and the giant piles of sand he has to keep shoveling (no one is quite sure why he has all this shoveling to do, but hey; that's his agenda. And who are we to question it)?

By now, you are probably sitting there, completely baffled. You are no doubt asking yourself, WHAT THE HECK IS SHE TALKING ABOUT, AND WHO THE HECK IS THIS HOOFY PERSON WHO'S NOT REALLY A PERSON?

Ha-ha, Hoofy is a make-believe troll. The word troll is used to express a "fake personality" online...someone who lingers and sneaks about pretending to be someone else. The word itself has bad connotations.

But Hoofy breaks the troll mold. You see, Hoofy is a NICE troll; perhaps an aberation in the world of trolls. He's just a FUN troll, a troll born out of boredom one day, as my friend and I sat by the computer in the library desperately needing something NEW to do.

So what did we do? We decided to make a troll, and alas; Hoofy was born! It was fun making Hoofy, and fun BEING Hoofy. Very creative, actually! My friend and I would sit there giggling in the library as we typed stories, "being Hoofy." We probably made the librarian mad!

Sometimes, Hoofy really DID seem REAL! That was the beauty of it. When we wrote "as Hoofy" it was almost as though we BECAME Hoofy!

Hoofy still exists on The Experience Project if you wish to visit him. He would enjoy that. Feel free to leave him a comment, he will respond! Okay, so I will respond...(but you can pretend it's really Hoofy if you want)!

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