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How Do YOU Think He Should Die?

How Do YOU Think He Should Die?

It's a musing,in the form of a poem.inspired by It's Not Supposed to go Like That by Rascal Flatts.

She broke her boyfriend's heart,
that's all she did,
said, "This isn't working,
can we still be friends?"
Then he disappeared for a bit,
A psychiatric ward is in his past now,
as well as a kidnapping
and a murder.

The boy was 13,
wasn't doing anything but helping his sister.
He was alerting his older sister to danger.
He was being a hero-
He saved her life-
Even though she was nothing but horrible to him,
And now he is dead.

[It's not supposed to go like that,
It's not intended to end that way,
Oh life is a journey constantly turning
down an unknown path,
But it's not supposed to go like that.]

He had a heart of gold,
He had plans
He had a future
and hopes
and dreams.
And this murderer-
this monster-
he gets twenty years.

If you ask me or anyone-
on the inside,
he should die a horrible,
A death that he doesn't see coming
A death that might make up for a fraction
of a fraction
of the life he stole.
The death that he deserves.
Because he's not supposed to live
while a 13-year-old with a full life ahead,
is dead.

But that's just what we think.

What do you think?

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