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I Am the Face of Domestic Violence

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Author's Notes

"Please seek help if you can."

I am the face of domestic violence, and my relatives don't know.

It's supposed to be my secret, but there are others I have told.

I have tried to get away, and was successful once.

That only lasted a few days, then the money ran out.


He likes to raise his voice at me and call me ugly things.

He likes to me in dangerous situations because "I'm his little experiment".

To him I am not a person, a woman, a human being.

I'm his toy and plaything he gets to play with.


All the shelters are full, for I've called many in two states now.

He tried giving me whiplash in his car, over and over again.

He tried giving my face the chemicals from a cleaning wipe.

I am the face of domestic violence.


He loves to terrorize me with looks and bellows and by standing too closely to me.

He loves getting inside my tired head.

Tired eyes that plead to others to help me, to see me.

But everything falls on deaf ears.


I ran out of cell phone service and asked him to get me a new card.

He didn't do it so I almost got hit by several cars walking home.

I slid down embankments and the local police gave me a ride home.

I am the face of domestic violence, that's me.


He left me in a Walmart parking lot, and I had no way home.

I was stuck until I called a cab to get me.

He left at the casino, with no way home.

So they called me cab with three strange men inside, one who kept asking where I lived,

A drunken man.


I know what could have happened in that van,

If I hadn't been lucky, somehow.

I think of all the times I almost died or got hurt, because of HIM.

I am the face of domestic violence and I am not the only one.

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