I Make Marmalade

By burnt7

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'Tis Indeed a form of truth, I seeĀ 
Lodged betwixt thy blood and boon
Departs thy heart unjustly so
An act of courage, Nay!
Indeed a part of truth, I see.
Sold in its weakest form to me.
How shalt thou have me this word descry? Belike the frown, whom cockholds the bauble and even the clown?
Nay? Charming charmer, holds a tongue
Too charmed, I really must say.
Until now that is, did it not go your way?
Oh, dearest Missy, what could be so wrong?

Conjured thee, for me this piece I see;
'Tis that which I adore about this fool, called me
For ever shall I be bound to my word, never regretting; like you say, you see.
Get you me right, know that with your vision I agree.
Get you me wrong, and unashamed I'd still be.
For ever life teaches and forever will it touch;
Dreadful torment, an auld inclination.
'Tis mine to defeat, I, too shall control only me.
Beautifying wonders, a polish for the heart.
A reminder beneficial, spoken sincerely, with an art.
Unlike the hours passed, the message is clear.
Makes one wonder
If there's a prophet around here...

But deep within you fear and doubt;
What makes you give to the undeserving folk?
And who to you are the undeserving folk, I ask?
For I know where lies my faith,
My journey has yet to begin.
You know what to know, and that indeed is a special favour unto all.

Same goes for Fy
I know the same, as did she
If only Papa were 'ere
To guide you.
Clear your vision and you will see
Wrapping now the sleeve around the heart
Life's Balance remain to be fair
Not ever too near
Not ever too far apart.
We all live in our cycle, not knowing where's the start.
Creepy crawlies in your eyes
Made me weary of my demise
You don't hurt, like I hurt you
There with you lies my heart
All these years I kept it apart.
Now I don't have it to keep safe no more.
Still I don't regret. Never shall I ever be sour and sore.
You're as stubborn as I am.
Only I'm allowed to change.

Thank you Fy, for watching me...
If you only asked before you assumed.
I'll always tell you the truth, and I know you know that much and more...
Yet, I allow you to nibble on me.
Teeny weeny price to pay.
To remain like this 'til in death I lay.
We all point fingers like it's a shopping spree
Not much more one can really say

I make marmalade.
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