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Is The Human Gene Pool Being Invaded?

Invasion of gene pool

Is The Human Gene Pool Being Invaded ?

Is the human race tottering on the brink of an all out gene pool invasion? It would seem so, yes! When greatly respected Harvard Professors take the worldwide phenomenon of alien abduction seriously, and when these highly decorated researchers cite up to 3% of some populations being involved in unexplained paranormal seizure, and when they voice fears of an alien agenda to develop a hybrid race, someone ought to take note. When they voice their alarm at the aliens’ unusual and particular interest in the sexual reproduction organs of humans, everyone ought to stop and listen. Why? Because the startling experiences of abductees, the meticulous physical descriptions they give of their abductors and the frighteningly concurrent modus operandi of the invaders are not just coincidental, but downright just too precise to be relegated to chance.

People on opposite sides of the globe, that have never met, that have never communicated, and that can often not even read or write or have access to computers and television, all relate the very same astounding things. Is this nonsense? No sir! There’s too much smoke here to deny the existence of fire, and obscurantism is no longer the ‘safe’ or the ‘prudent’ or even the ‘acceptable’ option. Is it possible that innumerable UFO sightings by high altitude reconnaissance, weather and strike aircraft from different nations are all figments of their imaginations or outright hoaxes? Or are they precursory occurrences, heralding cataclysmic phenomenon hovering over the unsuspecting human race? Most thinking mortals would opt for the latter. Yes, it would appear so! Many, of course, would respond with; “Says who?” Okay, let’s look at that for a moment: Would the sacred myths and legends of every ancient culture that has ever existed on earth that concur in this regard be enough? These range from the Egyptians, the Greeks, the American Indians, the Hindus and the South Sea Islanders, just to name a few. They all record the same bizarre events in astonishing, hair-raising detail.

Would the most hallowed and respected writings of the Hebrew nation and the entire Christian fraternity add even more credence to the theories of these ancients and the modern day learned University Professors? Would this massive weight of accumulated evidence be sufficient to persuade mankind in general to take another ‘unbiased’ look? You say, “tell me first; do they all agree?” Yes, they do!

Thousands of years ago, the Babylonian King, Nebuchadnezzar, had a dream that frightened him beyond measure, even though he could not remember the detail. His wise men could not interpret it for him, let alone tell him what he had dreamt. A young Hebrew lad, Daniel, told him, not only what he had dreamt, but what it meant too. The King had seen the most terrifying image with a head of gold , breasts and arms of silver, a belly and thighs of brass, legs of iron and then finally the feet and toes, a mixture of iron and clay. The image was smitten on its feet and destroyed by the Higher Hand.

Daniel told him it meant that five global powers would rise in succession and all rule the world. The head was his ( Nebuchadnezzar’s) kingdom of Babylon. History saw the fulfillment: Sure enough, the Babylonian kingdom (gold) was followed by the Persian kingdom (silver), which was followed by the rule of Alexander the Great (brass), then the Roman Empire (iron), and finally the feet of iron of clay, the latter being of relevance to our subject here in our generation. Both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Bibles record the strange provocative allusion to the fact that “Thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, THEY SHALL MINGLE THEMSELVES WITH THE SEED OF MEN; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay” (Dan 2:43). Who or what would one day (now?) be ‘mingling’ with the ‘seed of men’? Has it already happened? Or has it perhaps happened before? It appears so. The same source books tell us that angelic beings (some would call them aliens) once before invaded the earth and impregnated their genes into the human race. In the Hebrew tongue they were called the Nephalem. The union between these Nephalim and mortal women resulted in huge, wicked and violent beings being born on this earth. Some manuscripts prophesied thousands of years ago that it would happen again. Does that ring a bell that might be hanging uncomfortably close to home? Could that have happened already? Isn’t this perhaps what the present inexplicable phenomenon is all about?

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