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Kiwiana VS Americana

My last story that I published on this site was deep and dark and very real life, so I thought I would lighten the mood a little this week and have a bit of fun with this story. I mentioned in one of my other stories, that American influences are gaining popularity here in New Zealand, and that I had a few questions so here we go. Some questions and maybe a rant or two, about the growing American cultural influence in NZ. 

New Zealand has a very strong cultural identity and sense of national pride. We may be a small country, but we know what we're about, and we like to think we know what we're doing. Just look at the history of New Zealand and some of our famous people and inventions that have caught on around the world and changed history. We're independent, staunch, proud people who don't always like to ask for help. We were raised tough, from farmers and pioneers. The unofficial motto of New Zealand is 'She'll be right.' Translated that means: don't worry too much, it will right itself in time, everything will work out. There are positives to that statement, but also some negatives, especially where health issues are concerned. The term can be both optimistic and apathetic. Example:

"I think you should go to the doctor or see someone about that."

"Nah, she'll be right." (You're welcome for the Kiwi Slang 101 lesson)

I have noticed a trend creeping into New Zealand, of whatever is popular in America, has to be popular over here. Halloween was never ever 'celebrated' in New Zealand. No one cared about it, and then all of a sudden because we saw it in the media, New Zealand had to follow on and make a big deal of Halloween, with trick or treating, costume parties, American candy, etc. We never, ever cared about it and now all of a sudden it is a thing here. 

The same with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an American thing; it's your holiday where you can give thanks and remember what you appreciate about your life and the people in it. New Zealand has their own national day, where we remember the people who came before us and founded this country. It is called Waitangi Day, which will now forever be remembered as the day Steven Joyce had a sex toy thrown at him. 

New Zealand never used to pay attention to Thanksgiving. Like Halloween, it was just another day. Then all of a sudden, two or three years ago, a thing called Black Friday hit our shores, and now retailers have crazy sales because 'everything must go for one day only.' New Zealand doesn't need to have such a thing as Black Friday, but because America does it, we have to follow the trend. 

The fast food franchise Carls Jnr came to New Zealand four or five years ago, I believe. I can't exactly remember, but it was not long after I finished High School. I've been to Carls Jnr once. I wanted to see why people were going crazy over this new burger place. Meh, is all I can say to the food there. Nothing special. 

And now the local grocery store has an American foods section. We have an 'international aisle' with Asian and Pacific Islands foods, but they do not catch your eye as much as the packaging of the American foods. My first question about an American food item that I saw at the grocery store. Spray on cheese? Really? Really America? That is all I will say on that. 

To me, from my outside perspective, the foods that I have seen from America that are now in stock here, everything seems bigger and brighter and more sugary. I don't want to start anything or have people think I hate America because I don't. But I will say, that New Zealand has very strict food standards. On a majority of the products you buy, it will say 'no artificial colours or flavours' or 'all natural ingredients.' I do realise there is a little wiggle room with those things, as some of the chemicals that have names like B12 or E9J or whatever are cleverly disguised, but you get the point. 

I have tried some of your foods. Curiosity has got the better of me. Well, it got the better of my sister more than it did me, she has purchased some of the food items, offered me some, and I tried them. I would not waste my cash money on some of those foods. This is not a review, so I will not give my opinion of some of the things I tried but let's just say, never again will I be eating some of the American foods we have in stock. 

It must bring up the question, though, for Americans, about how the rest of the world views your country. With things like pop tarts and spray on cheese and other really sugary breakfast cereals. (I use the term breakfast cereal very loosely by the way those are not breakfast foods) And sweets and chocolate bars, it must make you wonder how everybody else perceives you. Spray on cheese is now available in New Zealand. We're a tiny country of four million people; no one gives a shit about us. All we have to do is sshhhhh and keep quiet, and the rest of the world forgets about us. If that sort of stuff is here, I imagine it is also available in other larger countries that have a bigger presence on the world stage than we do. 

I'm not going to get all political and rile people up and give my opinion, now is not the time and Stories Space is not the place, this is just a little piece about American influence in New Zealand. 

Also, on a side note. America, why is your beer so weak? I don't even like beer, but I can drink Bud Light very easily. It tastes like water. 

Also, another side note. Is Four Loko still available in America? It's illegal here in New Zealand and Australia, it was banned a while back because of the mixture of alcohol, caffeine, and ingredients found in energy drinks, and I am curious to know if it's illegal in the USA. If not, and if it is still available, someone should send me some. I'll figure out a way. She'll be right. 

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