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Take just a step cried the sad man, and take a look down into the madness along with the patient queues headed for the gallows as songs can be heard for the hallowed. With only fear breaking the silence as all kneel and pray for guidance, as you tread the road above the abyss with a look down at the madman. While only spectres are the only ones who still have pity out in the alleys and streets of the cities when the flames have their season(s), which can burn us, will you still have your hopes and your reasons? Will you still know who you are when you finally come to who you are? Are you able to keep your balance while loaded down with your talents, and be able to live for another?

The shadows can be felt coming down as the strange arrival can be seen from a thousand miles away, weaving and avoiding the obstacles that were placed in my way while the web between my fingers holds all that I have left behind. To try to be there with my reasons for it all, though it feels at time as if I have been struck by sound across my face with the force to nearly loud enough to taste it, as they attempt to drive the choices and thoughts from my mind. So, will you come with me now before they decide to take you down?

I have wasted time and breath with the only thing that seems crystal clear is; I need to move and need to fight while being scared to be losing control or losing myself. Thinking with my heart was something that confused all while I moved with my mind and standing near the door before being told. Feeling out of sorts when the words fall from my mouth that should be said to die in the dust on my feet, as the things that do get said are those things I have read. Caught up in this world with the knowledge that I am just growing too old, and confusing with what I felt with what is real. As I look into your eyes and feeling memories linger as I wonder if this is the end? Will I be able to cross over to the other side of that green mountain like I have crossed over the border of those blue hills into the dreaming? Or will I miss the final warning for the life I have lived and will you still be with me through it all though there might not be anything left at all?

They say that a man has a chance to live twice; once when you are born, and the other is when you stare death in the face and manage to walk away, which I am one of those who has been granted another life. I have also heard that a man is also born with three hearts; one he shows the world, one he shows his friends, and one he shows no one else at all. Then it seems to fit that only a chosen few have seen and penetrated through the layers to possibly see the soul within and seen the real me. Still it seems as if I have done so many things wrong and wonder if I am able to do anything right, and for living my life I know I will pay. I try and I hope if you put your trust in me I don’t think I would let you down, and it’s been a hard road I have traveled on down and trying to do the best that I can with what I have.

There are times when it feels I have been walking in the shadows looking and searching for the light and somehow losing ground as if I have been running on ice, with there seeming to be a building burning down every time I turn around with plenty of things I am not proud of and wish I could forget. With every second, can be a lifetime and every passing minute brings all of us closer to God, with that false clock ticking and trying to distract all that the second will catch us and lay us low. While there are those who only see, and hear what they want to and their claim to fame is to just turn away from everything that is real. As most of us know that life is nasty, brutish, and short with all trying to get as much into it as they can with moments that light up the night. Still life manages to move in mysterious ways and in order to reach the skies one needs to know how to kneel (on your knees boy!).

So, I can follow some of those feelings as the Tao dictates and know it’s all-right, and eat when I am hungry, drink when I am dry, as well as attempt to live life upon the square. Maybe it’s just a matter of time when and not a question of who does the time or be tried for those crimes that were never clearly defined when the right side of all gets to shine.

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