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Lemon Bonbons

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Published 2 months ago

Author's Notes

"This little story was inspired by a visit I once made to a local shop. The very smartly dressed old lady in front of me was trying to chat to the young sales assistant. I have reproduced it as best I can from memory. I felt sorry for her so took her for a coffee. She just wanted to talk to someone. That could be me one day. Anyway, her conversation went something like this."

Good morning young lady, what a lovely day today. Don’t you agree? Truly smashing for this time of year. Do you remember? Of course, you don’t, you’re too young to remember, but years ago, the High Street always had flowers outside the shops. It was all just so wonderful back then. Everything was just so clean and bright. The nail parlour wasn’t always a nail parlour you know. When I was a little girl it was a sweet shop. Oh, such a wonderful sweet shop.

They never sold that plastic chocolate they sell today. No, the shop was full of glass jars containing every kind of sweet you could imagine. Gosh, it was heaven to a little girl. Lemon bonbons, they were my favourite. Every time I went in there, Mr Butterworth would say. Have you been a good girl? We only serve good girls in here you know. I used to laugh and say, a penny’s worth of lemon bonbons please Mr Butterworth.

He would weigh them on her huge scales and put them in a little paper bag. I can still remember the smell inside that shop. Mr Butterworth was such a nice man. The shop next door was a butcher’s you know. They used to hang rabbits in the window. I’ve never eaten rabbit, have you? No, I don’t suppose you have. It’s an acquired taste I believe. They did sell all the other things, like sausages and bacon of course. I didn’t like to go in there, you know, because of the rabbits and all. When mum went inside I would wait outside. Have a little look in the sweet shop window.

Lemon bonbons were my favourite. I tried to make the bag last all day, but I couldn’t. You’ll probably laugh at this, but my mum used to lick her hanky and wipe the lemon dust off my face. I lost her some time ago now. I do miss her. Everything was so different back then. But of course, you wouldn’t know about that, you are much too young. What’s that? Yes of course, sorry. I’ll have a can of tomato soup and a daily paper please, thank you. It was lovely chatting to you, it really was.


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