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Long May You Run

Long May You Run

I'm not sure where to begin, although changes have come hurtling down, we have been through some things together and stood through stormy weather with trunks of memories. We might have missed that ship we were supposed to be on, and as they say, maybe there was a good reason behind it all. Rolling down that lake front road, on those old excursions that were taken in the sun and in the snow. We seem to be looking for the summer as our eyes take on a certain gaze, leaving behind the springtime days and that April face... Changes are clearly taking place, with the time having come and I stand here with the wish we could have all come together. But then again, all I ask is you be my friend along with being the only one I trust in all things. Though I seem to lose myself repeatedly in all things. I might be strong, but a lot of times that is nothing more than a lie, as I seem to constantly find myself falling into day after day. With there being no-one else to blame when I fall into that lie I think I am, for I might have once been able to see for miles and miles when I stood high upon the Highway aisles.
Now with times and things standing on their head, I know I am not magnificent. Though I try not to name names or where I've been, but I've been there and back again. Time is running and has been fleeting with madness trying to hold sway as the deadline that was stamped on our marching orders draws nearer. So Father bless me for I have sinned, for possibly no Hail Marys be able to save me... Living with memories and wondering what I am and have become. As I stand here full of the broken thoughts I carry under those scars I carry that the sun’s dark light couldn’t or wouldn’t heal. So call me a joker, and a fool, for going to extremes, though there are times I am cool, and sharp as a knife. Sometimes I might be just setting myself up for the kill, with there seeming to be no in-betweens.

Out of the darkness, and into the light, with times I’m feeling as though I am coming apart at the seams, as I lie there awake at night. Being wrong, and trying to be right, as well as being eager to please. And being perfectly willing to take on any fight. With there being times I just need to hear a certain solitary voice to speak out and set me free. I may not be the easiest person that you have ever gotten to know, and it's hard for us both at times to let our feelings show. But if there's one person, who would stop a bullet for you and be willing lay down his life for you and die, it would probably be me... Though there have been times people have said that I would only make you cry. But when it seems that the world’s gone crazy and madness is taking its toll, and as the shadows are being felt when they fall. I will be there with my reasons for it all, especially when it seems when the hammer is starting to fall. And when nothing seems to make sense; there will be only one voice that will be heard coming to your defense. And I will be there when you call.

In the hardest times that come around, the fear of losing grows. And there are those times, and years I have lost. Having seen the world beginning to seem like it is about to totally shut down. It's a darkness that no one knows unless you have been there before, and seen like I have the pleasure being poured out and instead having to deal with the pain that’s there instead. Kind of like standing in an empty station that’s waiting in the rain... With there being times when all is said and done, feeling as though the only thing that we are left to hold is nothing more than a moment of confusion. Though we are born and raised to be dead to rights, and to make the best through situations; be they thick or thin until our last days. You’ve seen every hope I have had locked away along with every dream before it started to fade. With memories one day dying, and though we might have changed, I will still be here standing with you. Even if the sound of all those ghosts that threaten to bring us down can still be heard. So come with me now before control is lost and taken from our hands.

Now with only this seeming clear, as I start to feel a little muscle again. Needing to move and needing to fight, and be like a demon tearing through their version of no man's land. As we once again try to get a grip on life again. Though it feels as if we were hit hard by a runaway train.

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