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Mariachi Static

Mariachi Static

Standing here on the side of the road in the heat under blue skies, as I find myself looking down the road that seems to run forever as it stretches to the horizon. And feeling a hot wind on my shoulder blowing from what seems to be a land that’s much older, and has me feeling as though I am a receiver of a wavelength that’s traveling far from home, and flowing like a river towards distant shores as it heads out to sea.

And it seems like most things except one has fallen and needs to be repaired or rebuilt again, with that one being the person who stood with me against the wall that day the bullets passed over us. Knowing that when we kissed then that nothing would fall or fail that day as all became valid for all time, and though some things might chip or crack at times what we built can’t be torn asunder easily. Being halfway content most of the time by not pretending or hiding the feelings we both have inside.

Having also asked at times if you’ll take my hand and save me from these shallow lands, as I have tried to do the same with you and release you from temper’s hand as I show you I understand, as those mysteries are slowly unwinding yet there are things like eternities that have gone unsaid. With one truth, and one thought that has had me keep a single belief and faith and being the only thing to face, as things were never planned for it’s the way it was meant to be.

Though the nightmarish times are somewhat over some terrors remain, as we go on dealing with them the best way we know how as they gradually lose their strength. And the feelings and memories associated with them slowly fading away to black and nothingness. Being like those leaves turning brown that lie scattered on the ground like fragments of memories torn and tattered, as we read the signs while following the path and handle whatever is stumbled upon.

Heading to that place beyond time and space that no one can trace, and knowing at times that happiness makes you cry sometimes and that life goes by fast. While reaching out to you in dreams I try and dry your tears that come forth unbidden, and at times I see myself standing there on the dark side of the road as I wait to see you there.

Still making my way down the road in the heat I think of you, and those I need to reach out to make amends to as I try and rebuild or repair things.

But for you to be by my side through all things and I thank you for being there with me, as we reached out and pulled each other through tough and unstable times recently. And having you with me makes all things all right as I continue on.

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