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Nasty Woman and the Bad Hombres Present: (He Does Not Like) The Old Blond Bitch

Did I mention this is satire?

Excuse me, sir; I hate to intrude
But you're out in public and your shirt's rather rude
Although fairly mild, as far as some go,
The sentiment still dips pretty low
I mean, 'Life's a bitch - don't elect one.'
Why does she deserve that, what has she done?

Oh, I cannot stand her, lots of reasons why
For one, get in her way, and you're gonna die
She's had people murdered time and again
You don't need enemies if you count her as a friend
And you just know she's gonna come for our guns
Her, with that brain damage, that Parkinson's
She gave nukes to Russia, and then to Iran
And she's the one got our men killed in Afghanistan
She slept through Benghazi, laughed at child rape
But she's got connections to get out of any scrape
She’s such a puppet, has been for so long
Trying to sell us on stuff that’s evil and WRONG
What about those emails? Millions of 'em hacked
That ain't conjecture; it's a true fact

Oh man, mister, you're on the wrong side of the fence
What bolsters this slander? Not a shred of evidence
What you've said lacks any veracity
Indeed, your statements reek of mendacity
Everything you've listed has been shown untrue
On some level you must know they're all lies...don't you?

No, they're the truth, it's all common knowledge
Y'know, to be smart, you don't need to go to college
You just have to stay informed on liberal insanity
For instance, I never miss watching Sean Hannity
He says she's taken millions from the Mid-East and China
But fembots like you'll choose her 'cause she's got a vagina
Y'all don't seem to care that she's such a nasty woman
See, to patriots like me she's lower than vermin
I do not like that old blond bitch
She just might be a genuine witch
Listen to the way she cackles
Man, that really raises my hackles
I do not like her cheating on Bill
Yeah, I know he cheated first, but still...

It's clear you don't like her, but actually,
You still haven't explained it factually
Before unquestioningly assigning her blame
Can you provide proof of even one claim?
Your "reasons" are nothing but innuendo and hate
And what about your guy do you find so great?

He's gonna kick out the terrorists and put up a wall
Dumping the riffraff will make it safer for us all
Some of those hombres, they’re really bad
Our failure to act has been nothing but sad
He'll tighten up that First Amendment, that "freedom of speech."
Since the press hides behind it to tell lies and preach
See, it's not true that he made fun of gimps
And didn't he tell the vets he'll help out the wimps?
He truly cares about those weaklings with PTSD
He's got big plans, they're huge, you'll see
When he's in power, he'll make America great
Oh yes, it will happen, just you wait
Ain't no question—between the pair,
I'm for the brilliant billionaire!

Okay, that's it, I've heard enough
It's clear that y'all don't know your stuff
Nor will you listen to reason or rhyme
Trying to talk sense is a complete waste of time
So I'll walk away while you self-lampoon,
By swooning over an utter buffoon

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