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Everything seems to have come crashing down and all things have now come face to face-
After having been woken by a deep trembling in the earth beneath my feet that has shaken all the great foundations, as I see lightning strike out on the far horizon and I am able to hear the thunder roll across this barren ground. While overhead ancient shadows of both the wicked and the divine begin to cross and slowly entwine. Which has me remembering that I once trusted my life to providence as well as trusted my soul to grace-
And I also recall when I once deprived myself of feeling(s), which was both a blessing and a curse, now there is something in the air tonight that would do me no good to try and hide from, For it feels as though the world itself were on fire. I am able to feel myself stagger as if I were carrying a great weight and feel as if my heart were exposed, as I feel all of the good and the bad guys I have been come together in me now as those ancient shadows cross.

I seem to be able to see dreams being burned down and I can feel the force coming from silent screams of rage, after having been struck hard by sound across the face loud enough that I can nearly taste it, with the force of it trying to knock the choices from my head and attempt to silence my voice. Yet, I still know that love can’t be linked to a single thing on earth. The echoes of footsteps can be heard nearby though I know I am standing here alone- 

Causing me to wonder if it is just a ghost in the machine as I stand here in this wasteland, w
hile dark shadows move through the air as if they were birds in flight before they fall. Which has me realizing that all that lives and breathes along with all that I have seen is all that I leave behind, that will one day become like tears in the rain which will be washed away.

As I turn my inner eye towards those gathered in me now, knowing that all our eyes have seen and all of our arms have embraced each beloved face, which has me wondering if I will feel better once this raging storm within has passed? And looking overhead I am able to see that those ancient shadows have crossed and are like love and death embraced, just like I am able to see the demons that tortured me along with the angels who defeated them somehow-

Now looking for a touch of heavenly light and a breath of life as I wonder what side I am on among those gathered here, but, I am able to hear the chorus of all that I have been telling me no. I can feel the beast at the door and can see that the book is opened wide, knowing that to seal my fate all I need do is step inside after I drink from that cup offered to me.

The Devil wants to dance again as I reflect on some of the demons that have come in the night, as the room goes quiet, I choose a dream and believe with a bit of vision I can see clearly again. While those lives and times I have been begin to collide and I know that I am not losing my mind, as I can start to feel the fever beginning to break and hear the voices of the chorus begin to go silent-

Yet, I can still feel traces of the fever burning and I know the Devil’s in the details, as I try to find that place where sorrow dies. Standing here with the starlight in my eyes here in this barren place, with my hand on my heart I resolve to take a stand as I roll the dice, I feel the fear wash over me, and with my inner eye I follow its path knowing only I will remain as I can feel things change, knowing that this has been no game for there are times when we all have woken from a nightmare.

With things being worse when being awake which raises the question as to what’s real or not? As I stand here in the open and somehow know the next voice I will hear will be my own. Just by standing my ground and knowing there will be a chance that better days will be found-

For tonight it seems as though the world will be starting again and all will be forgiven now, though subtleties seem to strangle me I know that this will end when darkness turns to light.

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