Permit. License. Car. (Repeat).

By Colors_of_the_Wind

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My current mantra... because I need to be able to drive my own car by May..

"Permit. License. Car. Permit. License. Car. Permit. License. Car."

Almost everyone else gets their permit as soon as they turn 16. That's the big milestone halfway through high school for most kids... but I didn't want to drive back then, and because of that, I am now almost twenty and I have no license and no car and I still rely on my friends and my parents and buses to take me places... and I'm sick of it. And I can't anymore. I need to move out. I can't take this house anymore. I love my family, of course, but I need to move out and in order to move out I need to be able to drive from wherever I move to to work...

Okay, so if I'm really being honest here, the only real reason I need to learn to drive and get a car and all that shit is because Andrew has officially asked for three weeks off in May and I need to be able to drive and pick him up from the airport. And I need to be able to move out, so that he has somewhere to stay and I get to be there with him... every night... until he leaves to go home. But still. I. Need. To. Get. My. Permit. License. Car.

So I am stressing and freaking and worrying and my mind is racing at a million miles a second, because now not only do I have my friend's 21st Birthday, and our Halloween Party to plan for, but I have my permit to get and a lot of frickin' driving to do so I can get my license a month after that at most. Then I need to speak with a friend of my uncle's and be like "So... I need a car that doesn't have a whole heckuva lot wrong with it... but is cheap..." and beg him to find a nice car for $500 like he did for my uncle. Hee. Um, and then I need to do that math and hope to goodness that I make enough to move out and pay car insurance and gas and still save money for when Andrew gets here, because there are so many things I want to show him and introduce him to... (and that just turned into a gigantic run-on sentence. I apologize... I am writing like I speak and if I'm stressed or excited I tend to use run-ons... sorry).

I could scream right now, but I think I'll just write.

Anyway, yes, um... stealing from Andrew this one time:

Kittenlove ^,^