Pillar of Love

By fuzzy1954

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this was written to my soul mate on 20 November 2012 and it still rings true

My journey as a young man and now as a elder brings me pause. 
For all the good deeds done, I have dark terrible deeds too.
Sad to say all warriors do.

On a late July night my angel and my best friend came to me, 
she asked and wanted nothing in return, a wee bit of a smile, 
wanting happiness for me.

And with everyone she comes into contact with. 
Vani is a caregiver to any one and everyone, a true friend. 
A true angel, 
My angel.

Some that have come to know me here will know of whom I talk. 
Others that I have yet to meet on the path of my journey.
I shall tell you her name, and remember you have hear of a true angel.
Her name is Vani (Sea) on Stories.

Four letters of pure love 
My angel
My teacher
My soul mate and keeper of my heart and soul.

And Vani is still my pillar with a year gone by.