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Raven Cage(s)

Raven Cage(s)

It seems like there is nowhere else to run and at times there is nothing to hold on to, and there being times when it seems as though I need to just standup and let go. As I head on down this back road and looking up at the stars, wondering if things will once again be all-right considering that it seems in the dead of night and harbingers of war have taken over controlling everything. Which has me wondering if the time for revolution has come to finally pass, as the masquerade is coming to pass in the form of a vicious cabaret. Having myself feeling the pain hearing the sound of laughter dying, and feeling like I can still see beyond the lies with the fruit of anger hanging heavy on the vine.

Again, I am reminded that every life must end and the life of evil is usually short, and maybe I should just close my eyes and just breathe. Still, there is so much in this world to make me and everyone bleed, with the natural order of things are; death and the truth with truth being the harder one to find. I know my sins are so practiced that I won’t ever win, and still I try to win with a losing hand and try to come clean in all things. With there being times when I know I have been nothing but a fool, in some of things I have attempted and it occasionally has me wondering when all is said and done who I might meet on the other side.

Still I know there is no turning back towards some of those things I have left behind as I continue to make my way on down the line. With it feeling sometimes like I have been thunderstruck from some of those voices from the past and it seems like there is the sound of heavy artillery from some of the things I have heard. But, I am still breathing though at times I wonder why, and having found a place of solace lots of times from the demons in the recesses of my mind. I seem to remember all those mistakes I have done, and still I wonder if will miss the final warning for the life I have lived? As I ask who is still with me through it all, and is willing to stay with me as I continue on down the line and those roads the Tao has directed me to follow. Knowing in most cases there is nothing left to fear, and still the darkness threatens to fall, and I know this is my life and for living it I will one day pay for it in full.

With there also being those times I have called and found no one there, with the occasional voice heard in a haunting tone and I know I shouldn’t look back for there is nothing that I need to return to. I know I shouldn’t wait to say goodbye to some and the world has turned into a powder keg about to explode with the way things seem to have passed through the light of a black moon, and I just need to try to keep calm and try to carry on down the line.

The silent wars have begun with all seeming to be looking down the barrel of a loaded gun with the future being murky and dark. With the sun maybe not ever rising again and it isn’t a question of if or how but one of when. No refuge to be found or any solid ground with time beginning to feel as if it is being borrowed, and no-one will care what side you or I are on. Still, some minds aren’t for rent from those who can and will try to ride out the daily events, and be willing to die on their feet rather than to live on their knees.

As I hear the words being echoed to hold on as all things right now are unsteady, and I won’t let go of those who come with me or stay with me though strange days might have seem to found us or it all being like a drop of the strange with a taste of hell with the way things are and seem. I am willing to fight rather than fly, and I won’t let go or break my word to those I know and have stood their ground when called out. I know I am not magnificent like some once thought, and maybe I am one born to rise and carry on with those I trust. Having stood up when the odds were stacked, with no turning back when time seemed to stand still and everything was under attack and written off as criminal.

With the time to regroup and begin to form and plan the counter attack with the ones we trust.

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