Shadow Ash Dream(s)

By Shotgun011

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It seems at times as though we have been like living on a prayer, and we need to hold on to all that we have and all we had and that’s important. We have each other and that’s enough to get by most times and going to make it with you, or go down swinging for the fences and die trying to do all with you.

And all we need is a change in another place where all isn’t so cold, and walking the streets and recording all that I see and I know with you I can continue to stand tall though tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet we still wonder how to get through it somehow together. As I look to the heavens at times and say a silent prayer to those departed who watch over us, and together we will make it and never back down as I hold onto that one thing I got: And that’s YOU! And for that: I Thank You!

Even though we are separated by the miles we can still reach out and touch each other, so close your eyes and let them fill with golden slumbers as you cross those blue hills at the border. And leave both logic and reason behind as you enter the plane of Morpheus and join me there. Crossing the river of dreams and meeting on the far shore as we head for Fiddler’s Green together, and be heroes at least for that time we spend there together and beat those self-proclaimed saints, with nothing able to fall or come crashing down while we stay here in Morpheus’ plane. So close your eyes and come ride across the skies with me.

So give me your hand and show me that you want to be with me and try together, for love won’t make a difference if we make it or not for at times it’s the thing we have no matter what. As we stand and try to hold on the best that we can though at times we seem to be wasting away, and we both need to take the unforgiving minute and push ourselves to get sixty seconds of effort, with things we gave ourselves to being torn down and then stooping to rebuild them with worn out tools. But that doesn’t matter as long as you’re near to me and what I feel I believe is shared by you, so take my hand and let’s head off together and see where time directs us to go.

Believing and accepting you for what you were, are and will be. I have never lied to you as we started this long strange trip as we heard that old Highway 61 call, and if I did ever lie to you I know that I would have had to continue on this trip alone, as we set out to that place where those winds hit heavy out there on the borderlines.

If tomorrow comes and we don’t make it there, then there shouldn’t be any regrets for the day and the time I spent with you wasn’t wasted. For I would always spare the extra minute just to tell you how I feel instead of assuming you know, as we continue making our way down the line and following that old Highway 61, and as you go to sleep, ask in the name of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, your soul to keep. And am wishing that when you close your eyes that golden slumbers fill them and rest deeply. For we are never knowing what you give me when we meet out in the dreaming and in those moments alone, so just close my eyes and I will see you there.

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