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Shadows of a Dream

Shadows of a Dream

There is a curious paradox that no one can explain, and part of it is why we must die a bit before we grow again? In most cases it isn’t worth tears even if all spin about wearing masks and won’t bother to lend a hand. With there sometimes not being any place to go to, and it feels as if all were born in a thunderstorm and making all learn how to survive. Only being able to find solace in what some would call the strangest place and it being in the deepest recesses of the mind, (and the human mind can only accept so much). It being a place where; him, her, and them along with the demons aren’t able to go. Though it might be only on inch, but that’s the inch that contains all and they can’t touch.

And those who know me know I will stand my ground and never means never, and I won’t give in. And once in a great while I might find myself returning to the fold, and some will appear and others will disappear like smoke and even if time is like a flicker of light still we all have to die alone. Chances are both made and lost and still those who dare win in most cases, for having stood up and choosing not to live on their knees like those who try to control and dictate all prefer. And they are the same ones who when they see me walking down the street turn and walk away as if there is something they are running from and acting as if they hear footsteps coming from behind.

And there are times when I feel as if I am running out of time and it feels like I am surrounded by clowns and no matter that they try to have me turn and go another way, finding myself closing my eyes and letting their madness wash away like a form of their colourful charade. So come with me and walk on down the line with me in the light of the moon and know it’s alright, as we move in mysterious ways and talk about the things that can’t be explained, and those others just say that it’s a way of running away from what can’t be understood. But then again they never felt themselves sliding down to the absolute bottom, and they need to know how to kneel and ask for guidance in things, (on your knees boy!). And they need to know what it’s like to travel through those complicated shadows, and follow the feeling you get from coming out of them in one piece.

I have been asked where I have been and I just pass them by and I have been there and back again, and learned to live with memories. One day the hands of time will tick no more and that’ll be when the darkness comes crashing down on the door, and there have been those I have loved and I will wonder if I was the cause they finally gave up? But, then I know I pushed too hard of their patience and my luck, and I think I might have just said too much. So I guess I will just make the best of what all I have left, and old habits die hard. We all carry our choices and hide our regrets but still there are those who know I have their back with each day that goes by. And maybe I will be missed by those I leave behind, or have touched their lives like they have touched mine.

We all know there is a price to be paid to fulfill our debts, and has me wondering if I have wasted my precious time, walking down the line where the Tao directs? And in those times when I lost control if I affected our touched another soul, as all their lies threatened to tear me apart? So give me one vision and one real decision to be made, and maybe then I can show them what they have done to my dreams. And sometimes it has me wondering if I really need this life as I kneel and state my case and resolve to take a stand. And it takes all the pieces of a broken man to put himself back together again, knowing there is hope for a bad man and faith can move mountains, while fire will cleanse the soul.

And I will not go under the ground just because I was told Death was coming around, and though it seems the meaning of life has been changed. And I can see when most are pulling the wool over my eyes, and there have been all of those who feel they are in charge and just have to spread fear. So let me live my life upon the square and eat when I am hungry, and drink when I am dry away from those rivers of blindness.

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