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Still Night

Still Night

I seem to have done it again and found myself back here where I have been so many times before and I know that there is no one else to blame for those actions I have done. And seem to have lost my way down the line again, and with every breath I take it seems as though I see all that life has dealt to me. Wishing for something new and possibly a guiding light that cuts through this darkness which is currently surrounding me. Still I find myself trying to improve my lot in life in the attempt to find answers that are needed, and still I fight against him, her, and them and the open flow of lies they carry with them. And with every sadness and setback that’s suffered I feel some of me die inside.

Life seems to bring us the strangest things, with some things falling lifeless on stony ground, as I try to breathe in honesty from those I know. But, I won’t back down and will stand my ground when called out even when the walls come down all the way to hell which no one ever sees them when they are standing or whenever they fall. Having taken the pain from all that life has thrown at me and until the moment comes which we all have to be taken home I will continue to try to keep from falling, or giving ground. For who dares wins, and I have never turned my back to the bull just to please the crowds.

Been told to let some things go and to take them slow, and that way I can be free to roam on down the line. To try and follow those dreams that might be had and to have hope that tomorrow is better than today, and roll on to wherever this road takes me. As I recalling my hearing the night train that used to be heard singing in the distance and asking that I be taken to the river, and look to the dark horizon for the harvest moon. Wondering if I will be remembered when only the sun remains, and what will one day be said, besides Kýrie Eléison ?

And in my travels down these roads that have called I have known that some wounds will never heal, and been told that not all prayers said are heard or answered, but still I continue to say them when I combine counting with the prayers I say to keep from exploding outward in a pattern. And putting on my walking shoes and not gonna let those broken or shattered dreams get the best of me and remember those are the dreams I will never see, and lie on the asphalt like my crushed and discarded plans and those lies I have said.

The meaning of life seems to have become twisted, and lost in the wind with many deciding it’s time to stop learning to live and instead it’s time to learn how to die. With many feeling it’s their duty to cause fear and refuse to hear the voice of reason, which would disrupt their personal agendas, and plans to cause as much discord as they possibly can, from reading their “gospels” which can be found scrawled on the bathroom walls, and only provides them a long and lonely view of what life has to offer. As they stand there looking like plasticine porters by those rivers of blindness which they drink freely from, and talk from both sides of their faces.

We might be invisible to them but there is no them only us and the silent shadow wars have begun, and we need to keep our calm and carry on. And till the die I die I will spill my heart for those who have deserved and earned my loyalty, and to take the battle to those deserve the wrath of pike and sabre. And be able to fall back in the first alliance that was forged in fire.

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