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Take Me From Babylon

Take Me From Babylon

Standing out here out on a mesa in these high desert plains and hearing what sounds like voices on the wind that’s softly blowing, and I am stretching imagination and nerves to hear what they seem to be saying. Knowing that the path I have followed is right which the Tao has decided and directed those of us chosen to find that single Essential Truth that shines in our minds like a mission. As I stand here in the dark red light of the setting sun, it seems those voices I am hearing are telling me to grab all my things for I am going home, or are they saying I need to go back to where I come from? Still, we stand here knowing these roads have taken us far from those places we know with many we meet questioning any and all perceptions of the past. Which is usually the only thing left behind when Death has passed, and one must never look back. Yet, it seems one always looks back for reasons known only to them.

I know it seems as though we are walking through the wastelands as if we are walking with the ghost in the machinery, with the fuel being ink set to the page as the story gets told. As it illuminates all making us not fear either destiny or paradise, as we continue on down the line carrying those with me I have in some cases left behind in order to carry on forward. Then again there are few in this game known as life that we are really true to, and it is one of the things I call sacred along with the law of friendship. Though there are times when some of the cardinal rules of war are put into play sometimes with little or no compromise, and still there are connections made to overthrow the ones in opposition and try to control all. Still, they find places to cast their stones, and I go to war with those I trust when there is no way to turn back though it might seem criminal and sometimes all it takes is one to stand up when all is under attack, and the odds are stacked.

Wondering if they know the price of sacrifice, or of heart as we continue to carry on and make our way down the line and standing tall when called out. Then again it seems we have all been there, done that time and time again, and usually, we are bulletproof and walk away from things when they are dead with things that should best be left unsaid before they fill us with the seeds of doubt. So, we carry on knowing one day peace will be had when we are done, as we rise above the noise and confusion caused by those Self Proclaimed Corpse Evangelists masquerading as if they have a reason with all the talking and noise becoming tiresome. But, there is no use to cry about it and pride and ego is something that has been reigned as well as locked up so, most of their words seem to have no effect.

So, don’t cry no more for everything out here has a reason and a purpose as directed by the Tao and there will be times when we think we are mad, as well as times when we see we feel as though we are blind. Sometimes out on those roiling seas of emotion, the best answer to be heard or given is simply I don’t know. Just know Heaven awaits you as we take the reins with our hands feeling so strange and we will always remember that are lives are never truly empty as we continue on. It might feel like a rush of blood to the head, as we swim against the tides like those troubles handled which have no name. Confusion will never stop, and like fear and pain it becomes something we learn to live with, and there will be times when we feel less like the cure for the disease. Yet, nothing else compares to being here in the now moving as directed from one moment to the next, though there might be other places we would rather be after having come so far from where we re from.

We all carry among us little souvenirs of secrets shared, and have been told in some cases any variation from the norm will show the shadows and symmetry which will hide nothing. Been told too that if I break a trust, then I will be haunted, if those secrets aren’t guarded and hidden away. Making all seem as if we are spellbound with no choice to be either taken or made, and there might be times when all is sent spinning with the occasional sound of footsteps outside the door. Don’t forget some are illusion accompanied by the sound of laughter penetrating the walls, though there will be times when this is forgotten. Even when there are times when the writing is on the walls as all begins to change, and soldier onward to do only what we know must be done.

We can make it and to be able to see a new horizon under the dark light of a false dawn with this being our time to come alive and continue on down the line with a fire burning inside of us.

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