Thank you for not giving up on us

By Finallyatpeace

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A year ago on Valentine's Day, my husband and I had just separated. I ventured out to play and leave it all behind, until he whispered the words to me "just because it is easier to start over than to fix what you already have doesn't mean it is right. " and so we went to counseling, and we fought a hard fight to put our marriage back together. Now we whisper words of love, and pledge our devotion frequently. We have talked for hours upon hours of our feelings.

A year later inside my Valentines card full of love and romance, I simply wrote " thank you for not giving up on me "
I received a beautiful Valentines card, but it wasn't the words of the card that touched me so.. Inside, simply stated.... " thank you for not giving up on us "

Those words touched my soul and meant more to me than he could ever imagine...

I am blessed..