The Mystical Pool

By fuzzy1954

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Tags: immortal, lovers, soul mates, timeless

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As the mist cleared the full moon, the old lion changed back to being a young irish warrior

The Mystical Pool first in a three part muse.

Throughout man's time there are stories and myths of lovers and soul mates.This is but one story, that distance lovers still to this day dream of undying love of another.

This tale of love starts back during the great wars of the middle ages here on Earth.

A great warrior prince from the East was blessed with a daughter. At the same time, a lowly woman on the isle of Man gave birth to a weakly infant boy. The Gods smiled down on both families that day. Neither family aware of what was in store for their children.

The princess was showered with gifts and love from not only her family but the whole of the Kingdom of Jewels. Alas across the great distance on the island of Man, what a different life for the boy. Cold and empty feed pots where the norm. Then one day as the sun was in the heavens, a great war party attacked the village. Leaving in their wake death and destruction. As the greasy plume of black smoke rose from the village, a warrior was born. As he slept that night the God's sent him a vision, a lone lion on a hill with a beautiful princess at his side.

Forged in the fire of battle the boy became a man. Growing into a feared warrior under the banner of a golden lion. As his prowess grew, he was summoned to a far off kingdom. The Gods smiled down on their warrior as the ship set sail for the far off Kingdom of Jewels.