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The Third Element

The Third Element

Five, four, three, two, one, zero; as I hear that almost silent countdown being whispered in my mind, and finding myself standing here as though I had been lost in time. Standing here in the dark light of the sun under these hard blue clear skies, near those twin archways out here in the courtyard, as I look out towards those distant crossroads across from the square. And closing my tired eyes for only a second and know that the second has gone, and looking down at those scars on me that the sun's dark light couldn't or wouldn't heal.

Now seeing the lines on my hands and watching as those finest silver threads unwind there between my fingers, and has me thinking back to all that I had left behind as I walked on.

As I find myself slowly looking up and sighing with relief that all those harsh and unkind thoughts had finally left. After having been given a drop of strange with both a touch and a taste of hell, and left me standing here feeling like my hands had been tied and my body bruised, and feeling alone like a bloody mess after having worked to get inside it, move, and dance with it. As though I was that lone soldier who lost every battle yet ended up winning the war, and had seen both smoke and flames pouring from an open boxcar door on the railroad siding.

Not being able to count all those words that I have thought, written, or said. Thinking they have all gone either unheard or unread too. Knowing at times that they have fallen from me to lie there lifeless in the dust at my feet, as I look out once again to those distant crossroads out away from the square. Squinting my eyes in the sun's dark light, I see two figures approaching, and knowing whom they are and from whence they came. Noticing them walking slowly in me direction here; one has come dealing with things said and in the process of making amends, while the other one was the victim of a twisted rumour that was later confirmed as false beyond the shadow of a doubt. And looking harder out there in that sun's dark light the crossroads I see a third figure there, standing alone like a third element out there at that distant crossroads.

As I debate if I should make my way out there and meet the other two halfway? And then making the decision and push off the wall behind me heading towards the crossroads, knowing that recent time has marked me in it's passage and beat the hell out of me, making me seem to be fading away with the recent forced aging I have endured and suffered.

Greeting those two as I pass them making my way to the crossroads, and watching as one turns in another direction and barely hearing one saying that they will wait here. As I look up and see that tower flanking the square housing those bells, which I have heard rung as though with an iron hand to be heard across the valleys and the fields. Has me wondering if I will hear those bells rung again, and if so what will they ring for this time? Will they be rung for a life starting together, or for someone departing this Vale of Tears?

Remembering once I Silently resolved to eat when hungry, drink when dry, and attempt to live my life upon the square, and slowly making my way out towards the crossroads out beyond the square towards that lone figure. And finding myself standing here with you again here at the crossroads like we have done so in the past. Feeling you lean against me fighting off the tiredness and the weakness as I offer to support you, and offering like I have done in the past to deliver you some of the strength I have in me, and recalling that I once offered all to you.

Hearing you say that I look serious, and my reply is that laughter has been rather scarce lately, and though we have had our time of both distance and discord. I have never thought of you of an enemy or someone who is a burden, and I may have not known what all of which you are going through and have gone through. As we both know that life carries on forward and to just say die would be so very pessimistic, and recalling that I once told you I would reveal all to you if only you would just ask.

For you know on the death of inspiration that I would attempt to buy back yesterday, and knowing that there is no crueler illusion and is paid for with the hardest coin there is, for to attempt to reach out it slips away and fades away like some misty shadow. I remember having called your name out loud and in thoughts to try and to save you from the darkness, for you know that there is nothing that I wouldn't do for you. Both of us were once able to see through each other's eyes from any distance, and I have felt you like a burning flame deep inside of my core as it struck those silver sparks, igniting those flames of what I call a heartbeat as I fix my eyes on the one that's standing here. Once we were entwined together in all ways and able to see each other like through open doors into each other's mind.

Looking back towards the one who is still waiting there as the weather changes, as we both look out towards those mountains in the north and those grey clouds shrouding them. Knowing there are three elements here and when all is said and done; hope is all we have left. When our hearts have finally given in, and all is done, may all the memories become like shadows on the wall and see all, and hopefully we will be mourned briefly and a glass be charged and raised.

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