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When we finally come to the end of those lives we all have lived will the faithful be rewarded, and will others miss the final warning when it sounds? There are times when it feels as there is nothing remaining and the darkness can be felt beginning to fall with there being pockets where the air is thinning. Hearing all the noise and the dull roar of their voices and still some sit and cry about it and to rail against it is just to add to the collection of voices, that can equated to being like gargling with the rat race choir. Then again; I am he, as you are me, and we are all together. As we see how they run, and some sit there cryin’ as the joker stands there laughing at them. Tomorrow at times seems to be harder and still we need to make our own breaks and do things our way.

Needing to stand tall whenever getting called out, and not bending, breaking, or backing down when they pull you out. I know I ain’t gonna live forever and there will be times when darkness will fall at noon as both the sun and moon will be eclipsed as some say there is no good sense in trying. As empty threats are made with the sound of scorn, and wasted words are said that seem to trigger some to be just another standing there crying, or busy dying. While private reasons can seem to be seen in the eyes of those quick to judge, and disillusioned words fly like bullets to hit their mark. While the rules of the roads must be followed, which makes it clear that it’s only people and their games that need to be dodged with not much left remaining sacred.

Losing yourself, and then re-appearing with questions sitting in your nerves being lit as life goes on outside all around you as you stand alone with nothing to fear. Still the masters make the rules for both the wise men and the fools as outsiders feel entitled to be free to criticize. So, don’t fear if a foreign sound is heard occasionally in your ear, as preachers preach of evil fates. Though there might be the occasional quavering voice from someone saying that they have truly found you and that you have nothing more to live up to, and drag you down into the hole they are in.

My eyes have collided head on with stuff like; fake goals, graveyards, pettiness, and all the propaganda which is phony as I make my way down the line. Then there are those who don’t believe Death’s honesty will strike them one day, as they attempt to push fake morals and defend what they can’t see and for them life must be rather lonely. As I don’t bother to try to understand them and where they come from or else I will find myself at war, and feel as if bent out of shape by society’s pliers. But, I do feel as if I am wearing handcuffs and have told them a time or two I’ve had enough and asked them point blank what else can they show me? As I kick my legs up and shake them off.

I have also seen the good people turn their heads away as they feel so satisfied, so I will continue on down the line to the corners of my life, and attempt to capture all I can. Not giving them anything to use and remember not to surround myself with myself, and keep doing all right with what I have and making my way step by step. Trying not to be like them and just wanting tomorrow to be better than today, and not moving in any particular direction except where the Tao directs. As I sometimes feel like those misguided roses which bloom in October and emerge triumphant in time for the season's first snow, and expressing one of the million ways to laugh as I reinvent myself once again and blowing their minds.

But, I mean no harm and if my thought dreams could be seen I know I wouldn’t be placed on the gallows but instead have my head placed in the guillotine. And then again, it’s just life and life only.

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