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The last one written for 2016

Watching the birds flying across the horizon and into the misty glare of the morning sun’s dark light, and no one knows where they are from or asks where they are going. Having me remember that Madman who used to hold court and would sit asking questions as he shared his form of wisdom of things he has known for a long time, or possibly knowing something of the shape of things to come.

No matter what is found or seen out here making my way down the line it usually isn’t enough, and I need to remember there is a time for everything as the Tao dictates and directs each moment. I know I shouldn’t look back but, then again some always look back in some form or another at that past which isn’t as far behind as most seem to think it is. Just like when hitting the absolute bottom we think it has been a long fall when in reality it wasn’t that far to fall. There is nothing up my sleeves except for those scars I carry like souvenirs that the sun’s dark light couldn’t or wouldn’t heal from the past lives I have lived.

Out here with the direction directed by the Tao, gathering the pieces of the puzzle and answers to what needs to be found along with finding signs of life out here as well. With the meeting of some out here being nothing more than a simple twist of fate, or the one who has heard my call and walked on down these roads in the heat, and under blue skies as warm winds can be felt blowing. With there occasionally being times when it feels like sitting on a barbed wire fence. When it feels as if the end has arrived as the Earth can be felt turning under my feet, as things begin to crumble and I know the one who is with me knows we will stand together when it feels like worlds are colliding and the days become dark. Facing all together and standing tall when called out and seeing all things together as the lamp of laughter dies.

Knowing that we have been to the edge and looked in the abyss, knowing that all can be done on a wish and a prayer, while being able to rebuild all lost with worn-out tools and being blinded by the dark light of a new sunrise. Still there are times when we both feel like we don’t need this life, and you will never be forgotten when standing in the shadows of this carnival of rust. We both have demons and honesty is what is needed and goes a long way in finding things out here on these roads and hope can keep things burning when life gets hard, and every moment is a chance to live again and brings us closer to God. Though we might run across more than our share of lies, with moments of feeling like we are losing control with too many faces and hands trying to stop us out here and try to control all things. But, then again they never seem to be aware that fortune favours the brave and who dares wins.

Seen us in the pouring rain as hope and faith come over us, watching the lightning strike in the distance knowing love and darkness stand side by side as well as occasionally entwined. The space between wicked lies and the truth come forth at times as the twisted games they play, in a form of madness like the obstacles placed in our way. Which we weave our way through like dancing between the bullets in a firefight, as I have you take my hand to walk out of here to go down the line where the Tao directs us to go. Leaving them spellbound and hearing laughter and leaving them standing in confusion and wondering which direction is calling in the pouring rain.

There might be times when you feel empty with nothing but dreams, with no place to run but I will stand with you and do whatever to stay alive. The truth will always be on our side and is keeping time like the true constant it is, so don’t be afraid of those things you might see out here. Even though it might seem as if nothing ever changes in a world gone shallow, and mean. No running down these roads as all that’s going on is seen, and the madness is left behind as the spirit is kept alive living free and attempting to reach that shining star. Lord knows we have paid some dues trying to get through and still heading on down the line with the past sometimes being close behind, and occasionally tangled up in blue.

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