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The Milkshake Murders of Fraternity Row (Prologue)

This prologue describes the story's setting with a history of how it came to existence.

There is a town called Fraternity Row.

It's a pretty small town with four small neighborhoods (that range from very rich to the not-so-rich) and an area that reminds the Fraternity Row elderly of Hoovervilles in World War II. Those who traveled in the Fraternity Row town say that other than annual events and activities, very rarely, something really big happens. Every morning, Fraternity Row wakes up quietly as the sun gently rises in the sky. At the hour of noon, at least one hundred and twenty individuals, twenty six couples, ninety nine travelers, fifty senior citizens, and thirty nine teenagers would wander up and down the streets and sidewalks, in and out the stores and restaurants, and through the alleys. Every evening, some bosses and workers would close their stores as the remaining restaurants, houses, and stores turn on their evening lights and try their best to provide exceptionally great service to their customers and spend personal down time.

Fraternity Row wasn't like this all of the time. Oh, no.

Like many things, Fraternity Row had a story.

Here is a story about how Fraternity Row was established:

During the time when the Spanish Influenza came about and began to spread, Fraternity Row was originally a very big meadow in Texas called "Green Heaven", where there was a lot of green grass. At least three hundred and forty eight individuals and sixty two families attempted to relive their lives after witnessing the burning of dead Spanish Flu victims in their old city homes and the mass graves growing bigger and bigger by a day or a week. The meadow had fresh soil, dark green grass, and an abundant amount of trees and water.

When four college boys and three college girls came to the Green Heaven, those who came to Green Heaven before them gave the college students a warm welcome. This was the time when the Spanish Flu was ending.

Unfortunately for the college students, they all fell ill and only one died three months after the Spanish Flu ended. Forty percent of the new population in Green Heaven believed that the students were exposed to the germs containing the Spanish Flu while sixty percent of the Green Heaven population began to panic about curses coming from one of the dead student, causing them to burn seventy percent of the Green Heaven area before fleeing to another town.

As the United States population began to grow, the grass, flowers, trees that were burnt grew back quickly.

By the time it was World War II, seven rival mayors from seven states found Green Heaven as an opportunity to start a new town. As each mayor had their own time of observation the Green Heaven area, each one began to come up with their own name for a new upcoming town. Unfortunately and obviously, due to being rivals, none of the mayors agreed on anything.

It wasn't until Mayor Pascal J. Schultz, a wise mayor from Louisiana, came up with an idea. He declared that the winner of a game of poker will be the founder and mayor of the town and the winner will even give the town a new name.

This was the only time when the seven mayors agreed on something.

A table was placed in the center of Green Heaven and the cards were shuffled.

Seven groups of young adults and college boys came over to Green Heaven and watched with interest and anxiety. They all sat in seven rows of chairs and the rows were labeled by looking at the appearances of the groups. One of the groups consisted of several college boys, labeled as the "Fraternity Row Boys", and that group supported Mayor Schultz.

Two long hours later, Mayor Schultz noticed something about Mayor Calder Whitmore, a skinny and scrawny gray-haired man from Maine. Every time Mayor Whitmore would grab a new card, he would bend down and "scratch his foot".

Mayor Schultz knew that something was up and after one more careful observation, he caught Mayor Whitmore cheating in the game. That dreadful action caused Mayor Whitmore to be eliminated out of the game of poker.

Finally after thirty more minutes of the poker game, Mayor Schultz won.

For his big prize, Mayor Schultz thought of "Green Heaven Town" to be the new name for Green Heaven. But after some thinking about his supporters and being completely moved by how his supporters were several young college boys, Mayor Schultz decided to rename Green Heaven "Fraternity Row".

After time passed and the new town was built, Mayor Schultz died of natural causes when he was ninety two.

Even though Mayor Schultz's funeral wasn't really big, the story of how Fraternity Row was established became a story that no one would ever forget as time goes on and on and on.

Unfortunately, despite of the story, Fraternity Row didn't become a well-known town. The roads that led travelers to that town eventually faded away in the time of epic constructions of not-so-busy roads, highways, and freeways, leaving it labeled as "The Nowhere Road".

Those who know about Fraternity Row stay there because of how quiet the town is and the great education that was being taught in the Fraternity Row schools.

Travelers describe Fraternity Row as a town "where nothing big happens" and sometimes ridicule the annual events that take place there.

What the travelers don't know is that they're wrong about some things.

Big things can happen anywhere, even at a place that goes by the name "Fraternity Row".

It is time to say that nothing big has ever happened until this one day that made everyone change their minds about Fraternity Row...

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