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Zippo slowly enters. With his umbrella, he turns on the lights, one by one. He greets the spectators as the Thespians enter. Zippo, with his umbrella, makes the Thespians twirl about. The Ringmaster enters.


   Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, we welcome you to the glorious production of the spectacular Kaleidoscape! A wild and wonderful collection of sights and sounds to dazzle and delight. Hold on to your hats, it’s showtime.

The Ringmaster blows his whistle. The Thespians dance about. Exeunt.


The Ringmaster places a strap on the floor. The Funambulist enters. She walks on the strap from one end to the other and vice-versa. She the bows and exits.


Frufru and Zippo appear playing leap-frog, where one bends down and the other one vaults over from behind. Zippo suddenly notices Frufru's compromised position as he is about to jump…he looks at the audience, pulls a delighted face, and kicks Frufru, who jumps up and chases Zippo to an exit.


he Juggler enters. He does a trick with a ball and a ping-pong paddle. He then bows and exits.


Frufru goes over to a pretend mirror. Zippo also goes over to the mirror but is on the opposite side of Frufru. Frufru puts his hand on the mirror at the same time that Zippo does and they go in the same direction with their hands, first in a circle following each other, and then in the opposite way. Frufru thinks he’s looking at himself in the mirror. This goes on for a few minutes until Zippo messes up and it scares Frufru that the hand is not doing what the hand in the mirror is doing. At that point, Frufru chases Zippo to an exit.


The waltzers enter and dance. Afterwards, they bow and exit.


Zippo enters with a broom, sweeping about the stage. He then finds a pool of light. He tries to sweep it. The light moves about. Zippo chases the light till he gives up. The light goes to Zippo, showering him with its glow. Zippo steps out of the light, shrinks it with his broom and picks it up with his hat. He then throws his hat up in the air, showering the stage with light. Exits.


The swordsman enter. They bow at each other, draws swords and fence. This goes on till one of them gets the upper-hand. They bow and exit.


Zippo enters with a music box. He opens the music box. The Ringmaster goes toward him and closes the music box, asking Zippo to go elsewhere. Zippo goes to the left and opens the music box. The Ringmaster goes to him and closes the music box, warning Zippo to go elsewhere. Zippo goes to the right and opens the music box. The Ringmaster goes to Zippo, takes the music box, smashes it with a mallet and places it in a trashcan. Zippo takes the trashcan and removes the lid. Music comes out of the trash-can. Zippo exits with the trash-can.


The Hoopist enters. She does tricks with a hula-hoop. She then bows and exits.


The Thespians enter.


   That’s all there is, ladies and gentlemen, and come again. Bring the children, bring the elderly. You can shake the sawdust off your feet, but you can never shake it from your heart. May all your days be circus days. Adieu.

The Thespians exit. Zippo stays behind. With his umbrella, Zippo turns off the lights. He then waves goodbye to the spectators and exits.

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