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Ephemeral VI - Adapted as a Play in One Act

"Time itself is Ephemeral: Chapter VI - adapted as a one act stage play"
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Published 8 years ago

Ephemeral - Being a series of short stories that allow the reader to look in on the day to day interactions of a fictional couple.

Flitting in tone from absurd to funny and at times even to poignant, the exchanges featured in each chapter are a fond look at the ephemeral nature of life, love and communication. They are also a very affectionate look on the part of the author at the love her characters have for one another.

Now please read on...

Ephemeral VI: a one act play

Cast - two characters, referrred to by the order in which they appear onstage - 1st and 2nd.

Set - very simple, consisting of a bench such as would be found in a garden or park, stage left, placed about two-thirds of the way up-stage. Placed at an oblique angle, the back of the bench is toward the audience.

When the curtain rises, it is dusk and a sunset is projected against the back wall. The lighting is subdued, just sufficient to make out a figure sitting on the bench. This is 1st, whose face can be seen in quarter profile. 1st is sitting quietly, watching the sunset which develops in intensity.

The audience and 1st watch the projection of the sunset for about 15 to 30 seconds - long enough to establish a feeling of peace and quiet.

2nd enters from stage right, is dimly perceived in the low lights, advances a few steps, sees 1st, pauses, then moves to center stage, faces 1st and stops.

2nd: Might I ask what you are doing?

1st’s head turns toward 2nd and away from the sunset.

1st: Nothing in particular.

2nd: Hmm, wasting time; are you ever going to stop doing that?

1st: Yes, when none is left to be wasted.

2nd: And that might be when?

A slight pause follows before 1st replies.

1st: When I am no more.

1st turns back to watching the sunset. 2nd remains stationary for a moment, then advances to the bench. Meanwhile the lights have been dimmed gradually, so that when 2nd sits close to 1st on the bench, their forms are perceived as silhouettes with just enough light that the audience can see 1st turn and glance at 2nd, before looking again to the sunset.

2nd: Ah... Then may your waste of time have a long run, dearest.

As the last words are spoken, the sunset fades completely. There is just enough light to show 2nd turn and kiss the side of 1st’s face, then all fades to black and...


Author's note on this text:

While the other chapters in the Ephemeral series are all pieces of micro-fiction, this one alone, Chapter VI, is suitable for adaptation as a one act play. Many of the chapters already published here have been released in an audio version as well, and the texts are enriched by the fine interpretation done by Circle_Something, who recorded them. However, while writing this chapter I realised that it is also very visual in nature. This inspired me to adapt it as a one act play. This does not mean to say that Chapter VI won't eventually be done as an audio version - rather, it is a reworking of the text to suit another artistic medium, that of the stage play.

Cover photo rights belong to the author and the image cannot be copied or used without permission

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