Another Era Ends

By Phoenix_Black

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Tags: friendship, love, separation, divorce, breakup, comrades, workmates

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Sometimes you have to part ways with those you care about

We walked a path together
Through the sunshine and the shade
Over mountain tops and valleys
Through the forest and the glade.

At times the path was easy
And warm rays lit our tracks
Laughter flowed like music
The wind pushed upon our backs.

Other times were much harder
Storms and blizzards slowed our way
But worse, our own mistakes
Including my own
Near drowned us in dismay.

But we marched on through it
With grit and a smile
With forgiveness and good humor
We pushed through those torrid miles

But alas.

It was an honor to walk with you
An honor I will not forget
An honor to be at your side
Without a tinge of regret.

But our journey is now over
Our paths now go in separate ways
Our roads fork to different ends
We've passed our final phase.

A new baring I must take
A new direction I must stride
Across new meadows, rocks, and waters
Yes alas
Without you by my side.

And will I fulfill my journey?
If will and fortune lend.
But for now, a chapter closes
Another era ends.