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in every strokes ...

In every pencil that
I have used to draw lines,
with different colors and
with a different hue, 
different it may be but
what a beautiful
combination they are
when together in one.

In every watercolor
I have used to draw,
when I was young.
The canvas got messy and
looks useless.
When they dried up
they come alive, and
it becomes a new life.

In every brush strokes of
colors that touch my life.
It made me laugh,
it made me cry,
it even made me mad but
I am thankful for touching
my life at least I know
I'm still alive.

In every charcoal, I've tried,
all I did was to mess
things up on a canvas,
but my sister told me
to keep trying.
I tried and tried but
I think I have to stop now.
I'm tired.