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The undergrowth of beginning.

The endless overgrowth without a finale.

Twining and vining imperceptively,

Yet, interlocking in a stranglehold for life.

Creating its own atmosphere in a limitless terrarium.

Providing sustenance while feeding upon itself.

Nature in consort with planetary purpose.

Adapting to each assault.

Flexing but not breaking.

Surviving even the pestilence of man.

A forgiving mother.

But a harsh father.

A great reward but greater jeopardy.

There is no second chance.

No do-overs.

There is a memory within nature.

It never forgets.

Nurturing its children in symbiotic exchange,

Only man presumed to take and never give back.

The simplest leaf and the gentlest fern

Stand as soldiers in the army of resistance.

Our tallest buildings and our longest bridges,

Shall be overtaken by the lush greenery of relentless growth.

Even our graves.