The Chambers of Your Heart

By Survivor

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Tags: poetry, love poem

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Resonating in your heart

May it resonate within
When I touch your trembling skin,
Echo deep inside the chambers of your heart;
Deep within the giggly chambers of your heart.

Like a schoolgirl you may clap
When I hold you in my lap,
Hear my singing spreading rapture in your heart; 
Deep within the frisky chambers of your heart.

As your lover have no fear
That I'll keep you ever dear,
I will whisper in your ear and claim your heart;
Deep within the sassy chambers of your heart. 

Like a kitten you will pounce,
In my arms you'll squirm and bounce.
As your suitor I will smile and win your heart;
Deep within the cheeky chambers of your heart.

Softly tickling with my lips
And my tender fingertips,
Gently soothing as I play within your heart;
Deep within the saucy chambers of your heart.

Gentle kisses we both share,
We are such a perfect pair
As I fill the subtle need within your heart;
Deep within the giddy chambers of your heart.

Shall we realize our goal
Making both our lives a whole
While you share the fervid passion of my heart;
Deep within the loving chambers of my heart.