The Dark Web

By mysteria27

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Tags: internet, computer, dark web, mystery

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A place where it's dark
Nobody knows how to find
Information can be marked
Criminals lurk behind

There's no way to check
How do you get there
It's really quite high tech
All we are is quite aware

Sinister people buying information
Stealing our identities
Causing lots of aggravation
They're our number one enemies

The dark web is scary
Is your information there
We're all very wary
The dark web isn't at all fair

Criminals want you to make mistakes
They're always phishing for stuff
Their information is just fake
Everything is just a bluff

You must be one step ahead
Don't give your information away
Try not to be mislead
Don't be their prey

Be smart each day
Be aware that it exists
They'll trick you many ways
Get your name off of their lists