The Salty and The Sweet

By starlight4ever

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Tags: discovery, imagination, new day

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Fresh Perspective

An Adventure of epic proportion

a discovery of wild imagination

Comes now to your mind with joy

with the salty and the sweet


A day like no other day

a moment like no other moment

a place like no other place

sharing the salty and the sweet


A time like no time has ever been

circling the world with newness of breath

no one has ever discovered before

tasting the salty and the sweet


My mind is expanding and growing

life is better and more understanding

as I look off into the distance seeing

the salty and the sweet


Time to face a new day

a new way a fun way a grand way

never looking back only forward to

savoring the salty and the sweet


The sweetness of the sweet

the saltiness of the salt

a pinch of experience in sight

forever the salty and the sweet


To a special friend