A Brief Ray of Light

By Ididntdoit

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Tags: based on novel, william golding, light, darkness, destruction

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A poem influenced by and based on Simon from The Lord of the Flies

The little thing crawls on the forest floor.

It wraps itself within the jungle,

Cloaked by the creepers.

The skin ripples over its ribs

As breath sighs from its mouth.

A cocoon of darkness envelopes it.

Wrapping around its skinny wrists, ankles.

Grabbing its throat.


He can’t speak,

But his glowing eyes punch through the darkness,

Illuminating the black blobs and smudges of the clearing.

Pearly light emanates from the top of his head

And down to his bruised, cut, scraped feet.

His feet flutter on the ground.

He floats towards the sea,

Where the darkness explodes with vengeance.

It breaks him.

The darkness devours his body.

And the sea reaches out,

Swallowing him into its depths.

His soul is free,

Away from thrashing waves.

The brightness in his eyes dim

And travels to the sky.