A Final Poem For Mommie

By bella685

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Tags: dying, contemplation, final request

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Katy's heartbreaking inner thoughts

What is dying Mommie?

Will all of me cease to be?

Of all that I am and all that I've been,

Is there nothing left of me?

I believe in Heaven Mommie and think that's where I'll be.

When you come Mommie, please try, oh try and find me. 


I am not sure exactly when Katy wrote this heartbreaking poem and only found out about it today, (6/27/17). My mother discovered it in Katy's room about a week after Katy passed and felt it would hurt me more to share it before now. It's truly gut wrenching to know Katy had this on her mind and didn't share because she knew it would be so very painful for us both.