A Moment on the Way to Your Peak

By Sicarium

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With all our chasing here and there,
we get so busy with life’s chores,
we barely have time for air,
while we constantly seek more

Stop for just a moment,
leave behind the daily grind,
all the worries and torment,
the thoughts on your mind

Close your weary eyes,
and let yourself see,
take a breath, release a sigh,
just let yourself merely be

The Sun’s warmth on your face,
a quiet moment under the night sky,
the thrill of adrenaline’s race,
or the smile from a random passerby

The cleansing of a Summer's rain,
the crispness of a Winter's breeze,
your feet on a thousand sand grains,
and the rhythm of swaying trees

The touch of a lover’s lips,
and the feeling of skin on skin,
the desire you feel deep inside,
while the passion builds within

The pure joy of little wonders,
to be astounded in sheer awe,
even the tears born from laughter,
or the beauty found in flaws

The tingle in your limbs,
your energy barely contained,
the freedom found in the whim,
or an imagination flamed

There'll be time for pursuing dreams,
for building the life you seek,
but take a moment to enjoy the scene,
as you ascend to your peak