A New Beginning

By kandikiss51

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Tags: stone cold wall, imprisoned by fear, pain, sorrow, letting go, ready to love

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She let go of the past, and is ready to let love begin.

The first thing I'll do is pull you close and kiss you that day.

As you look into my eyes, and tell me what you want to say.

Your words of affection, from the heart, fall upon my ears.

Whispered softly, knowing it’s just what I’ve long to hear.

Our lips touch, while your fingers gently caressed my skin.

You ignite a small flickering flame of passion deep within.

You pulled me close; your arms encircled me, holding me near.

Nestled next to you, I'm away from harm with nothing to fear.

As we walk together for the first time, has true love just begun?

Oh my sweet lover, how will you show me that you’re the one?

Oh, please, enter my heart, and break down the stone cold walls.

It’s time I’ve watched you take it apart as it crumbles and falls.

I was imprisoned by fear; you’ve broken the bond, and set me free.

Our souls now soar upwards, like eagles on the wind flying free.

I'll have no more fear, pain or sorrow, as nothing is held within.

As I look into your eyes, I'll whisper, I'm ready to let love begin.