A Scathing Reply to Dirty Martini’s 'The Conning of America'

By rantingsenior

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A poetic retort to Dirty Martini's poem

How sad the best that we can do

is picking these pathetic two

for President of our United States.

One a bozo quite uncouth

the other cannot tell the truth

A sad choice to have on our voting plates!

Yes it’s fun to laugh and dump

all over clownish Donald Trump

who won’t release a single tax return.

A cad who smiles and offers scotch

then grabs a woman by the crotch?

It is enough to make one’s stomach turn!

But Clinton’s scandal ridden past

can also leave one quite aghast

Emails, Benghazi. Also “pay to play.”

Since her tour as Sec of State

the world ain’t doin’ great.

Things continue downhill every day.

So is there something one can do

to rise above the current poo

and circumvent the politician vermin?

I know what my approach will be.

My write-in vote for all to see

will be for laid-back, upright Pee-wee Herman!

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