A Somethin' Kind of Day

By Survivor

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Somethin' is better than nothin'

We have what we have,

A somethin' kind of day
Is really somethin' little darlin'

A somethin' kind of guy
A somethin' kind of lady
That's what we are

When it comes to seein' dreams of what may come
While sharin' what has been before
While knowin' what we have now

It's somethin'
Little darlin'
Really somethin'
And somethin' is better than nothin'
On a somethin' kind of day
Little darlin'
Of mine

Never fearin' for tomorrow
With a somethin' kind of day every day

With a somethin' kind of lady
To share

With a somethin' kind of guy
Always here

We will keep on keepin' on with our somethin'
In the air
Sharing seasons to delight
To spare

Our somethin' kind of day will always 
Shock the stars
When our somethin' kind of love
Shows the world
Somethin's there 
Really there
With our somethin' kind of lovin'
And ever
Still there