A Vision Unseen

By Isadora

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Tags: dreams, whispers, yearn, passion

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A dream is just a vision one creates without reason

So close to my heart but I could not touch you
Your body so close to mine yet I could not hold you
Your lips so tempting and divine yet I could not kiss you
Your arms open so inviting yet I could not embrace you

Captivating your smile yet it was not shining for me
Your eyes burning with desire yet they were not looking at me
Your lust swollen with passion yet it was not seeking me
This passion heated my dream yet it was not for me

I opened my eyes and once again realized that you have never seen me
Why have you got into my head and dreams without knowing I am here?
I cannot think and my words make no sense, this is more than it seems 
My thoughts are only those thoughts that whisper traveling in the night

The ones you hear, strain to listen, faint, soft so sweet, this is me, I am here.