A week in the future

By courage2bfree

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I was asked to write a poem as a conversation with myself 1 week in the future

REVISED -A conversation with myself one week in the future.
But, hark, what is that clay

upon your shoe?

It is the clay of the graveyard

where my love has ventured.

Which loved one? Tell me

While I tremble with fear

that my life is possibly ending?

It is my beloved teddy bear.

These past fifty years

have had their toll

and now has come the time

to say good by and bury

my heart and soul.

When I was a child so lonely.

he gave me so much love.

Now I am not on my own

and have loved ones who come

when I search for help.

Those miracles of birth

who have grown from

babies to become the friends

I needed when I was so young