All is Gone

By a_gabardo

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All is Gone - Adrian Gabardo

I guess it's true,

everything does turn to rust,

time is such a careless bitch,

dropping you to the ground on every opportunity.

Everything I've been,

has now vanished,

the once sweet kid,

is just a bag of sorrow and apathy.

My will has carried on,

like the grains of sand,

carried by the wind,

far from my reach.

My wish to live has disappeared,

I feel like I'm just passing by,

like the man with the camera,

observing all that stands the time.

Where is that beautiful smile?

Where is that little child,

who I once was,

with no worries,

and no troubles.

Life has just been a huge pain,

I guess...

Testing my resistance,

to see how far I can bend before I break,

maybe tomorrow it will just end.