All Over Again

By Ididntdoit

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Tags: fallen in love

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I look into your eyes,
and I see that beautiful

It's like I have never
seen it
ever before.

Though I do
each morning when we wake up,
and each night when we settle for bed.

Your quiet murmurings,
just for me,
magnified with that look.

It mesmerizes me
And I see you

Never again do I see that
hiding, guarded
person you once were.

When we first met
and we were so

It seems silly now
to think back
on those confused days.

I see that spark
and it makes me smile.
I'm positively honored.

I know you,
and no other person
ever will have this pleasure.

You give me what can be only mine,
your heart,
your soul.

The look in your eyes
that conveys

Your eyes draw me in
melting my heart
making me breathless.

It's overwhelming
the vast expanse of emotion
I am permitted to find

Through the warm
eye contact,
that brings me home.

Making me feel beautiful
and special,
simply yours.

Your eyes never fail
to make me fall for you
all over again.