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Just me messin around with words and terms

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Superlatives and adjectives, are words to describe.

A verb-ing word is a doing term, behind which I can hide.

Full stops and commas, I infuse, with words to halt or pause.

Without such things, I'd soon be seen, writing, un-verbose?

I get so tired of trying to be, thought of inter-est-ing,

I use the words upon my page to try to say some-thing.

Anything will do, to provoke you,

into verbage or admission.

When you do, I'll hold to you,

until your sentence submission.

(Just a few ramblings here as I was drifting in my mind one day.)


Scrabble Champ

I want to be, a Scrabble Champ, I want to pass the test. But words like 'it,' with 'and' or 'dog,' will never beat the best.

Obscuri-ty in word-iary, that seems the way to be,
but wugahumf and neuxzily, are double-dutch to me.

Although I try, to keep up with, all the high-score-words,
I never seem to get beyond, 'dog' or 'cat' or 'bird.'
Swearing words and obscene terms, are all the rage it seems.
But words of more than three or four, letters are in my dreams.

Dictionary, lexicon, spell-checker too.
'Funk and Wang' and 'OED,' don't give me any clue.
To curb my fears and get ideas, I joined a forum new,
Stories Space seemed the place, for learning something true.

Ahh! I enjoyed that. Cheers all, hope you like em. Bri.