And I am Sad Again

By Fewniks

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Tags: hurt, intellect, good bye, love

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Bolt from the blue

I don’t know why you left me?
All you said “leaving for good”
What is good? when I will be sad.
Is that what you wanted?

I returned for you
I promised will be here for you always
Don't you believe me?
Did I break the trust?
Or you left me to teach something
Confused, hurt, what not I am feeling
Still I respect you and your reason and smile

If you are reading this
I ask you something
Never return to this place, if you do never talk to me
Don’t ever tell me why you left me
I am happy in that way
I have your memories, I have your words
Wherever you are stay happy and smile

Remember, I love you always

P.S: I love you More