Another day

By MindlessPerfection

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Just a thought ....

Ok it might be over,
Can't say it doesn't hurt,
Just tired of being the only one trying to make it work.

When I decide to speak,
Just know my words are real,
And not just some child's game where we can make a deal.

You see pain is pain and any kind hurts,
But luckily I found a system and I hope that it works.

See I'll try my best to forget you, kinda like a game,
Though I'm having a bit of trouble when I think of your name.

When I say that I love you I mean it for real,
But obviously you don't feel the same for your love isn't real.

On the days I think of you they really are the best,
But honestly my face hurts when I give my smile a rest.

The truth is I still love despite my hardest fight,
I'm trying to forget you but I can't do it right.

So now you know my failed attempt and there's nothing more to say,
Honestly I've given up but tommorow's another day.